Sunday, September 25, 2016

Angeliina and Nelli


Näkötorni is kind of observation tower. If you want to go to Näkötoni you have to climb up to slope first wich is about 350 meters long. After that you climb up stairs to get top of Näkötorni. When you are up in näkötorni you can see almost whole Karstula or you can use pinoculars to see places more closely. Näkötorni is located in about 3 km away from Karstula's centre. Next to näkötorni is wicket place where you can roast sausages in campfire.


Lapland is Finland's the most popular nature destination. There you can enjoy about beautiful nature and views. Rovaniemi is located in Lapland and Santa Claus' home is there. It is very popular tourist attraction. In Lapland you can see wild reindeers and tamed reindeer. Part of the winter sun doesn't rise at all. Many people come to Lapland to downhill skiing at winter. In addition you can see some beautiful northern lights. In summer you can go to hiking and swim in very clear watered lakes.

Pictures are from Google.

Nelli Koskela and Angeliina Riekko

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