Friday, September 23, 2016

I´m going to tell you about Finland’s Lapland. So here we go…
Lapland is very beautiful place all year round. Mountains look really good when sun is shining and snow is glowing. I have visited there only in
               Ylläs and Levi. They are ski resorts. There are also many other ski resorts like Ruka and Pyhä.
               When I have been Lapland I have been snowboarding. There can also ski and do other stuff. I think that Lapland, especially in winter is the most beautiful place in Finland. I think is worth the experience to see and feel Lapland.

Here´s couple of photos that I have been taken at Ylläs. It´s so stunning when you see it at your own eyes.

Place you have to visit
I think the most beautiful place is Lapland. The internet is full-on pictures about Lapland and everyone should go check them. Ruska is also beautiful. It´s like fall colors.
Revontulet called northern lights are popular all around the world. I think everyone should go Lapland and see Finland’s beauty.

  I take these photos on google…

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