Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday in Piispala

Friday was our last day together. We made a trip to Piispala youth centre. The weather was very good. First we got to know about the area, and then we seperated to two groups. One group went to see animals and the other group went to wall climb. There were very cute animals, for example two pigs, goats and a donkey. Wall climbing was hard but fun. Before we changed places we went to eat. 

When we arrived to school our principal gave the Italians certificates and Moomin mugs.  Then some of the Italians went to S-market to buy homecoming gifts and some went to sled hill. 

We spent the evening together in Kaisla's home. We ate pizza, blueberry pie and chips. We played games, watched videos and listened to music. We also played spin the bottle. The evening was very nice.

Veera, Kaisla, Elmiina

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