Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sunday 5.2

This was the first morning in Karstula with the host families. We spent the morning with our pairs. Some of us went to the frozen lake and we just basically did what we wanted. Then almost everyone went to the ice rink to watch ice hockey game, but italians weren’t very interested about that. They said that they prefer football more. After that we went to sightseeing tower Näkötorni and we grilled sausages and watched beautiful view over Karstula. Weather was nice and there was snow everywhere. Climbing to the tower was a little bit hard because the hill was so slippery and icy.
In the evening most of us went to the Nelli’s house and we had a movie night. We watched a movie called “I’m a legend” and we ate some snacks. When the movie ended we listened some very good Italian and Finnish music and watched music videos. Others were at Kaisla’s house and they played games like Alias and Uno.

Monday 6.2

First day at our school in Erasmus week. First we had language lessons, some of the students had French and some had Russian. After lessons we went to the auditorium and watched some videos about Erasmus project and our principal Anitta Rasi talked about Finnish school system. And Italians introduced themselves and told us about their school.
After introductions we played some name games to get to know eachother better. It showed us that some Italian names are really hard to spell to Finnish people. Then we showed Italians our school area and c
lassrooms. After that we went to eat school dinner and then to the ice rink to skate. Some of the Italian students skated for the first time. While we skated we also listened some music. Finnish students teached a famous Finnish dance to the Italians. It was from Antti Tuisku’s hit Keinutaan.
At the evening we all went to one cottage to spend some time together. Most of us went to the sauna and they went also from sauna outside to run in snow. Others played some board games. We also ate some snacks and then Italians tasted some Finnish sweets like Fazerin Sininen which is the best chocolate in the world and salmiakki which is typical Finnish salty licorice.

Kaisa, Nelli, Angeliina ja Annika

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