Monday, May 15, 2017

Day in Randazzo

On tuesday we spent the whole day in Randazzo. We went there in the morning with our host-families. Randazzo was about 20 minutes away from Bronte. In Randazzo we went to see a lot of museums. We went to eat to someone's summer house. There were a lot of different food options. The food was good. In there we also sang some songs and talked to each other. 

After eating we went back to the centre of Randazzo to see few more museums. We visited a musical museum. There was a presentation about different nature sounds. Then we left back to Bronte. 

When we got back to Bronte we went to a cafeteria. We hung out there and we were very hungry because was nothing to eat. But then just before leaving we got pizza. Then some of us went back to home and some of us went to the square to hang out and play card games. It was a rough but nice day. 

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