Friday, April 7, 2017

On wednesday morning we played finnish sports and games. With us there were our primary schools 9th graders.

First we played floorball. We share our gym for two playing areas and share the people for four teams. In each team we had 4-6 players. Some italian students played floorball for the first time.

After floorball we played one finnish game called urban war. We didn't fight or do the real war so nobody died. For the game we built "battlefield" from benches, mattresses, and ballcages. Then we share people to team Finland and team Italy. Purpose of the game was threw balls to "kill" opponent players. The winner team is that who have "killed" all from the opponent teams players.

Team Finland getting ready for the urban war.

Team Italy deffending their side.

After urban war we played second game called hunter. In hunter there was few hunters who tried to catch other players. Other players were hiding in school area and escape the hunters. One period took 15 minutes and hunters will won when they caught all the others in that time.

We were working at our schools students lounge.

 After excersicing and school lunch everyone was pretty tired. Our art teacher Heini gave us some art works to do. We spent two hours on working and we had great time.

When we get our pictures ready we put them to our erasmus wall.

In the evening we were at local bowling alley and museum Wanhat Wehkeet. We started bowling after 5 and we did that 1 hour.  For some italians bowling was a new experience but some has done that before. After bowling we visited in museum. There were finnish items since 1900 century. Then there was a car museum, where italians found their favourite sctooter, the Vespa. In the collection there was also Fiat car.

On thursday we were classa in our school. Students got known for example our history and physics lessons. After classes all of us ate school lunch. After lunch some people went markets and others chill out in school. At 12 we went skating in Karsula ice stadium. We were there already on mnday. Everyone had great fun and most of italian students were used on skates.

In the evening we were to local youth center. There we played snooker and playstation, danced and eat treats. Finnish students made a little surprize for italian students and brought finnish dessert called Mämmi. 

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